EasyText is a messaging tool that allows you to advertise, promote, announce, and engage with your audience through SMS directly to their cell phones.

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Why Choose EasyText

Swift & Effective

Change The Way You Market Your Business

98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes. Therefore, SMS marketing offers unparalleled opportunities to reach your target people easily & instantly and keep yourself literally in the palm of their hands.


Save Money

At only paisas per SMS, text messaging is as affordable as it is effective.

Customized BI Dashboards

Promotion With Intention

There is simply no other marketing channel that even approaches this rate of engagement. Text messaging is rapidly becoming people’s communication method of choice -- for both business and pleasure. Your customers are already talking to each other by text; why not join the conversation?

Customized Solutions

Better Relationships, Better Business

In today’s world of information overload, it’s increasingly difficult for marketers to capture their customers’ attention. Text messaging is changing the way that you reach and interact with your clients, customers, employees, tenants, fans, and more. Capture your contacts' attention with personalized message and build better relationships that are more meaningful, and productive.

Our Database.

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  • 65 Million Bangladeshi mobile subscriber list plain list with just number and 40 Million Bangladeshi mobile subscriber list with area , handset brand , OS , basic/feature/smart phone 2G/3G categorized.
  • 1 Million Dhaka based smart phone user list wWith all above fields.1.2 Million E-commerce buyer seller owner mobile nos
  • 1 Million GSM subscriber list with all sort of usage/package/location/handset details mobile numbers lists (midsize/small once).
  • Different Level Current Students Mobile Nos List > 300k+.
  • Corporate people mobile number list 350k+ [Telco,Pharma,Garments,IT,Banks,Insurance,Private Universities & others].

EasyText is perfect for you

  • Easy & Intuitive. With just a simple click of the button, you can quickly and effortlessly broadcast your message to to a large number of recipients all at once, within seconds.
  • Cloud-based. Log in from anywhere on any device. Compose your message, select or upload your recipients, and send.
  • Message Personalization.Personalized messaging means building more meaningful relationships. Send messages that are unique and personal to the recipient. Add name, personal information, business information and/or likes/favorites into individual or group messages.
  • Wide range of recipients options.Type recipient by hand, OR, select from phonebook, OR, capture from uploaded excel, OR, search our community database.
  • Phonebook Features.Create a contact, Import from Microsoft Excel file, Organize contacts in related category or group.
  • Community Database.Ready to use community-provided large database with no extra cost.
  • Custom Sender.Hasslefree masking integration with all local mobile operators.
  • Group Texting.
  • Campaign Scheduling.
  • Preview before send.
  • Lowest price in the market.