Smart Power Saver System

Spondon ICT Ltd. has developed a set of IOT (Internet of Things) monitoring system for Intelligent Digital Power Safety.

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Smart Power Saver System

Smart Power Saver System (SPSS) for Irrigation Water Management System will covers of Smart Frequency Inverter with remote Data communications facilities for irrigation water management system under BADC Under Agriculture Ministry of Bangladesh Government for saving energy, proper management BADC’s Dip Tubewell Billing, Monitoring and communication purposes. Necessary Instrument, and Accessories, as well as Automated DATA Reading (ADR) Software and Associated Computer Hardware are also included.

which can monitor the data of the converter and the motor remotely, and thus which can overcome the difficulties in installation, regulation and after-sale service. Here below mainly elaborates the application solution to realizing remote monitoring by 2G/3G/4G.

Benefit of Smart Power Saver System

  • 1. High power factor (Normally >0.9,0.99 in the testing field)
  • 2. Output voltage of the three phases is balanced.
  • 3. There is no inrush start. (The starting current is smaller than the rated current of the motor.)
  • 4. Energy saving effect is >30% according to the data got from the tests in the field. (The saving energy is 20%~40% based on the actual load). The system current is reduced and the conductor is kept from heating.
  • 5. The system has various protections: phase loss protection, unbalanced three phase protection, loading short circuit protection, pump locked rotor turning protection, system power leakage protection.
  • 6. The I-O-T (Internet Of Thing) smart monitoring system can realize the followings: A. The Running status of the monitoring equipment controls the run and stop of the pump. B. To record water consumption and energy consumption data. The agricultural department can collect and analyze the data and save the water resources scientifically based on the crop growth law.
  • 7. Instant report generation along with farmer wise consumption. (Time and power consumption.)
  • 8. Built-in Line ( high/Low Volt, Over/under Current) protection system.